Kelley Urbani started CrossFit through her involvement with Coach Mike Burgener’s Olympic lifting program. As a single mother with a lifelong commitment to fitness, she began training full-time under John Wellbourn of CrossFit Football. Three years later she placed 17th in the 2011 SoCal CrossFit Regional, 1st place in the 2011 OC Throwdown, and began working as a Personal Trainer/Coach at CrossFit Balboa in Newport Beach, CA.

Kelley soon decided to reinvent one of the main essentials to her training regimen, the wrist wrap, and created the ORIGINAL adjustable wrist wrap. Kelley’s flair and attitude is well known in the industry. Her dedication to excellence and commitment to producing a product for the people, by the people, shows in her product.

Strength Wraps has since grown into a successful small business with multiple employees and distributors with an international reach (e.g., Rogue Fitness, The Brave Project). Kelley has made sure to stay true to the original concept of the wrist wrap – full range of motion, joint stability, and functionality at a cost efficient price. Offering a product with a full money back guarantee, athletes stay true to Strength Wraps and are a vital part of its success.