How do I use Strength Wraps?

Home FAQ How do I use Strength Wraps?
  1. Line-up Strength Wraps with stitching side towards hand and non-stitching side towards forearm at a comfortable place on wrist (allow for full range of motion, some wrist bend).
  2. Begin wrapping the Strength Wrap around wrist, aligning the stitching on top of itself with each wrap.  Each wrap around should be snug but not yet tight; tightness will be adjusted once wrapping is complete.
  3. Continue wrapping the cloth until you reach the string, then continue wrapping the string around the wrist until you reach the end of the string.
  4. Tuck the knot at the end of the string under the wrapped string to finish the wrist wrap.
  5. Twist wrap down on itself in the same direction you wrapped the wrist.  The Strength Wrap should tighten around the wrist.  Twist until desired support is achieved.  Untwist in opposite direction to loosen the wrap.

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